Our Mission: We exist to bring the world of fashion at your door step

Our Vision: Identify the leading brands around the world and empower our customers to be elegant & classy

Our dream for starting an online ecommerce store began way back in 2015, when the entire world is swept off with ecommerce and digital technologies.

One fine day, during the middle of office hours there was a lightening spark that struck our mind which is none other than our brand name “CLASSY-SWAN”. We are very confident, that the birth of our brand will make a remarkable success in the history of fashion by bringing leading brands closer and closer to our customers door step.

Our passion for unique design and collaboration with our suppliers brought our Mission, Vision and products to life. Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning designs all over the world to create something very special for our customer for a special occasion. We believe in quality, care, excellence & team work by which our customers get the unique products which they can cherish forever. All our products represent what we love about the world we live in. We hope that they will inspire you too.